Overview of our services

Offering one-stop solutions across many different domains

In the past, uniform products were common practice in the FA industry. We offer new value by offering system modules to industry. We also continue introducing cutting-edge robot technologies and leading innovations in the robot SI industry.

We are a valuable, independent robot SIer in Japan familiar with all processes necessary for automating work sites, ranging from electronics, machinery, and control to software, and are capable of handling robots from almost any manufacturer.

Our more than 100 electrical and software engineers have automated more than 2,000 plants in Japan and overseas. Why don’t you rely on our technology and experience to achieve ideal FA automation?

Automation Solution

As a leading company in the FA industry, we are a one-stop solution provider, handling all automatization processes, ranging from planning, production, assembly, and installation to attending construction, irrespective of differences in business type or category. Also, in terms of scale, our service ranges widely from a 100-million-yen line building to the installation of a unitary device priced at 10 million yen or less. We handle cutting-edge equipment from domestic and international manufacturers.

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Medical Solution

In the increasingly digitalized domain of healthcare, in recent years we have facilitated environmental improvements in healthcare practices by leveraging our technological strengths in FA solutions. We cooperate with local healthcare providers and deliver an ideal environment for sharing healthcare information among different communities, not only for real-time sharing of patient information within a hospital.

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Logistic Solution

In addition to simply engaging in logistics, we pursue its ideal form. With a rational, integrated, and strategic logistics system, we offer optimal solutions and support the streamlining of clients’ work. Also assisting in clients’ sales and operational strategies, we will propose and develop logistics systems, operations, and robotics to plan, implement, and manage efficient workflows.

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