We are looking for talented people who are seeking a global career.

Right now, Office is driving forward with its global expansion in factory automation. We are looking for strong human resources that:

・Have high aspirations and are fully motivated to consistently achieve goals and make their dreams come true;

・Are willing to keep taking on tougher challenges without being afraid of making mistakes; and

・Think and act independently, believe in their own potential and the potential of their coworkers, have a sense of responsibility and do not give up on tasks before they are accomplished.

If you satisfy the above requirements, you are the right person to join us, even if you are still a diamond in the rough. We are not exaggerating when we say that if you start a career as an FA engineer at Office, you will be among the world’s top-level engineers within five years. We are looking for colleagues who have high aspirations and can globally extend the realm of their activities with us.