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Job categoryDevelopment of logistics systems
Description of jobWe develop systems for use in distribution warehouses.
For example, this involves the planning, development, operation and maintenance of warehouse management systems (WMS).
We comprehensively undertake warehouse entry/exit and inventory management with the use of portable terminals and bar codes and also control linkage with hardware (e.g. transport equipment) and linkage with core systems, among others.
Qualification and experience Those with experience in software development will be treated favorably.
・Inventory, incoming and outgoing deliveries, warehouses and logistics management
Having a driver’s license is required and welcome.
Experience in program development with the use of C, C#, VB.NET, ORACLE, PL/SQL and SQL
Place of workOyama Station East Office (Oyama-shi, Tochigi)
Working hours8:45~18:05
SalaryYour treatment will depend on your skills and experience.
Allowances The company provides up to 40,000 yen for an employee’s transportation monthly.
Dependent family allowance, diligence/perfect attendance allowance, overtime payment and outside duty allowance
WelfareComplete social insurance program (employment insurance, employee pension, health insurance and workers’ compensation insurance)
Holidays and leaveSaturday, Sunday, national holiday, summer, year-end and New Year and special leave
117 holidays annually (in accordance with the company calendar)
Selection procedureFirst, contact us by e-mail or phone.
Contact: Recruiting office
TEL: 0285-41-1140