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In the increasingly digitalized domain of healthcare, in recent years we have facilitated environmental improvements in healthcare practices by leveraging our technological strengths in FA solutions.

We cooperate with local healthcare providers and deliver an ideal environment for sharing healthcare information among different communities, not only for real-time sharing of patient information within a hospital.

Medical information coordination system

A patient may be treated at different medical institutions such as clinics, nursing facilities and large hospitals, and may also be treated at home. We develop a system for chronologically displaying a patient’s medical data that accumulates in the electronic medical records of the different institutions that are thus different in design, on a single screen so that they can be viewed all at once. This adds greater consistency to healthcare service and also helps to streamline the operations of medical institutions and reduce medical expenses.

Electronic medical records

An electronic medical record centralizes healthcare data and allows medical data to be shared on a real-time basis, something that was impossible with paper-based medical records. To facilitate the improvement of healthcare environments to achieve optimal diagnoses, streamlined work, and the saving of paper, we develop optimal electronic medical records based on our accumulated technologies in FA solutions.