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In addition to simply engaging in logistics, we pursue its ideal form. With a rational, integrated, and strategic logistics system, we offer optimal solutions and support the streamlining of clients’ work.

Also assisting in clients’ sales and operational strategies, we will propose and develop logistics systems, operations, and robotics to plan, implement, and manage efficient workflows.

3PL-based system logistics

We propose and develop optimal solutions by leveraging our experience in a variety of logistics practices, including B-to-B, B-to-C, C-to-C and mixtures of them. Irrespective of whether we are making a proposal based on an overall optimization or partial optimization, we will optimize a client’s logistics by organizing, running and controlling ideal operations and systems for a client.

Development of logistics systems

Based on our original WMS (warehouse management systems) and irrespective of differences in business type or goods, we offer basic modules encompassing many different requirements and necessary administrative items at minimum costs and within the shortest time for delivery. In addition to computer systems, we build systems to support the people working at logistics sites, in pursuit of the rationalization of logistics.

Logistics consulting

We research and analyze clients’ logistic practices to streamline and improve their logistics. By identifying and sharing problems with clients and reorganizing operations and systems, we implement standardization, leveling, and simplification, focusing on work sites and distinguishing between what can be done right away and what can be done in a planned manner, irrespective of the size of the rationalization, in an effort to drastically streamline logistics.

Smart Logistics

Utilizing robots and automated guided vehicles (AGV), we streamline accurate warehouse management and transportation networks. We are also compatible with all manufacturers and many different formats of smart logistics. We will also pursue continued streamlining of logistics by also utilizing wearable devices such as AI robots and smart glasses.