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As a leading company of the FA industry providing one-stop solutions, we handle all automatization processes, ranging from planning, design, assembly, and installation to after-sale support, irrespective of differences in business type or category.

In terms of scale, our service ranges widely from expensive, 100-million-yen or more line buildings to the installation of unitary devices priced at 10 million yen or less. We handle cutting-edge equipment from domestic and international manufacturers.


As an independent robot SIer, we handle large and small robots ranging from industrial robots to cooperating robots and the latest robots compatible with JAVA, foreseeing Industry 4.0. We can accomplish this thanks to our substantial roster of more than 100 engineers from Japan and overseas capable of handling products from all manufacturers. The robots can be viewed at SmaLabo, our showroom that collects cutting-edge robot and IoT technologies.


Our strength is our familiarity with almost all manufacturers in image processing and the capability to use their products at will. Not just using image processing systems from Cognex, Omron, Keyence and other manufacturers, we are capable of developing unique systems leveraging our VisionPro and HALCON image processing libraries, among others. We offer optimal solutions from an impartial perspective independent from any manufacturer.

Fuzzy control

Fuzzy control automatizes operation by building on human empirical knowledge in, for example, speed control of vehicles and air-conditioners. Based on the concept of utilizing conventional control methods and supplementing their shortcomings with fuzzy control, we leverage high technological strengths and deliver flexible controls.


We automate work by combining palletization and depalletization with AGV in logistics. We can handle products from all manufacturers, not just the many different forms of AGV, such as electromagnetic induction, magnetic induction and autonomous induction. You can also visit our logistics center, providing 3PL, and see the most advanced practice of logistics including AGV.


Optimization of production lines and their processes is simulated in a virtual world. The “Digital twin” simulation facilitates debugging and implements the results, optimizing real sites. We pioneered digital twin technology, which is drawing attention in the context of the establishment of connected industries, in an effort to facilitate the shift of our own plants to IoT.