・Information Security(ISO/ICE27001)

Information security basic policy

Statement of intention

Through our business activities, we have a responsibility to protect the information assets entrusted to us by our customers and business partners and our information assets from all threats, and we will establish and thoroughly implement the following information security policy.

Basic policy

1. Information security efforts
We will establish an information security management system, establish rules and regulations to ensure its implementation, and operate the information security management system effectively.

2. Compliance with laws and norms
We will comply with information security laws and regulations, other norms, and contractual security requirements.

3. Protection of information assets
We will protect our information assets from all threats and take steps to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability.

4. Response to accidents
In addition to striving to prevent information security accidents, in the unlikely event of an accident, we will investigate the cause and promptly implement countermeasures, and take appropriate measures, including prevention of recurrence.

5. Implementation of education and training
We will provide necessary education and training to make all officers and employees aware of the importance of information security.

6. Implementation of continuous improvement
We regularly check that this policy is in compliance and strive for continuous review and improvement to maintain its effectiveness.

Enactment date: May 8, 2010
Revision date: June 16, 2017
Hideki Iino, CEO
Office FA.COM Co., Ltd.

Quality / Environmental Basic Policy

Statement of intention

In order to realize our corporate philosophy of “searching for the best technology” and “providing excellent value”, we will make efforts based on the following policies.

Basic Policy

1. Basic efforts
The entire group will set sales targets for each period and strive to achieve them.

2. Addressing risks and opportunities
We will strive to improve the quality of our products and services and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, we will strive to acquire new customers by entering new fields and new industries.

3. Cost reduction
We will eliminate waste throughout the company, work on energy saving, power saving and recycling activities, and strive to reduce costs.

4. Implementation of functional improvements
We will continuously improve our management system and develop highly reliable products and environmentally friendly products.

5. Legal compliance
We will comply with all laws, international rules and their spirits in our corporate activities, development and production, strive to prevent environmental pollution, and fulfill our social responsibilities.

Enactment date: August 10, 2016
Revision date: November 10, 2017
Hideki Iino, CEO
Offie FA.COM Co., Ltd.