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Corporate profile

Company name
Office FA.COM Co., Ltd.

1999 (established in 1997)

Hideki Iino, representative director

Head office location
Oyama-minami Industrial Complex, 293-21 Naranoki, Oyama-shi, Tochigi 329-0216

TEL. 0285-41-1140 / FAX. 0285-41-1164

85 million yen

Number of workers
350 (690 including all Group companies)

Main financing bank
Utsunomiya Branch, The Shoko Chukin Bank
Mamada Branch, Tochigi Bank
Omiyaekimae Branch, MUFG Bank

[Description of business]

– System construction and software development (production control system (ERP), manufacturing execution system (MES), production simulator (PS), etc.)
– Design and development of automatic control and robot control by computer and PLC
– Design and development of infrastructure and microcomputer software
– Design and development of production equipment, inspection equipment, labor saving and labor saving equipment
– Computer and automated control system consulting
– Development of image processing equipment (measurement, OCR, pattern matching, etc.)
– Construction of logistics system (logistics management software (WMS), logistics control system (WCS), conveyor system, etc.)
– Design, manufacture, construction, maintenance and refurbishment of industrial robots and machine tools
– Construction and maintenance of instrumentation / monitoring systems (plants, factories, office buildings, laboratories)
3PL business (planning, design, and operation of logistics in procurement logistics, in-factory logistics, and sales logistics)

Corporate philosophy

We always aim for the best technology and realizing our customers' dreams.
We will realize a prosperous society by providing excellent value.

To be the best in the world with control technology

We, office, aim to be the best in the world of control under the mission of “realizing the dreams of companies”. We started a new business model that integrates mechanical, electrical, and software technologies in-house, and have worked on more than 3,000 factory automation not only in Japan but also in Asian countries, like China, Thailand, and Vietnam.
More than 300 engineers with advanced technology are enrolled, and we have the advantage of being able to consistently handle “smart factories” from FA to IT, and we are continuing to grow rapidly with our speed and proposal capabilities. We handle not only the main manufacturing and logistics fields, but also a wide range of fields from social infrastructure to environmental technology, medical care and welfare, and provide uniform solutions suitable for clients.
Taking advantage of these strengths, our CEO Iino jointly represents the showroom “Sumalabo Oyama” where Robot x IoT technologies are concentrated, and the showrooms “Sumalabo Tokyo” and “Sumalabo Minami Soma” where you can experience what manufacturing DX is. We operate and disseminate the latest technology that we are proud of both domestically and internationally.

Corporate History


Hideki Iino
President and representative director

Having distinguished himself in programming since childhood, establishes Office Co., Ltd. in 1997 at 24. Starting from robot control for auto makers, Iino consistently expands the scope of the company’s operations to IT, healthcare systems, logistics systems and more. Today, the company has grown to employ more than 100 engineers and has automated and robotized more than 2000 plants over 20 years.

Extensively familiar with machinery, electricity (control) and IT (software), Office manufactures devices, undertakes robot SI and provides consulting service to managers of manufacturers. In recent years, the company has extended its business operations beyond Japan with a view toward operating worldwide starting from China and the ASEAN region.

Tsutomu Iizawa,
Senior Managing Director and General Manager of System Management Division

Hideo Yumoto,
Managing Director and General Manager of Administration Headquarters


Naoyuki Yoshihara,
Executive Officer and General Manager of FA System Division

Morio Takahashi,
Executive Officer and President of FAIC

Toshihide Kobayashi,
Executive Officer and General Manager of Operations Business Headquarters

Tomoaki Kanetani,
Executive Officer, General Manager of Overseas Management Headquarters, General Manager of Factory Management Headquarters

Kenichi Aizawa,
Executive Officer and General Manager of Logistics Solutions Division

Shinsuke Aoki,
Executive Officer and General Manager of Sales Division

Naoya Suruga,
Executive Officer and General Manager of Information Systems Division