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[Press Release] Solving long-standing problems! Succeeded in on-site operation of potato salad serving robot

Office FA.COM one of the cooperating companies with the Japan Ready-made Meal Association, we announced that we have succeeded in the actual on-site operation of the potato salad serving robot. Potato salad, which is also a representative of soft and indefinite foods, has traditionally been difficult for practically priced robot systems to serve quickly and nicely. This time, by cooperating with related companies, we were able to enable actual operation and introduce it to the side dish manufacturing factory of Maxvalu Tokai Co., Ltd.
The presentation materials by FA Products Co., Ltd., which participates in our company and projects similar to our company as cooperating companies, and the corporate consortium “Team Cross FA” in which Japan Support System Co., Ltd. participates as a managing company, are as follows. is.


MAR 29, 2022
Team Cross FA

“Robot-friendly” side dish manufacturing automation


Succeeded in introducing a robot to the side dish filling process and operating it in the field for the first time in the side dish industry

Succeeded in practical application of side dish worker shift calculation by quantum computer for the first time in the side dish industry

Team Cross FA companies contribute to development by utilizing their areas of expertise


The “Team Cross FA” (secretariat: Minato-ku, Tokyo), a consortium that comprehensively supports everything from DX in the manufacturing industry to development and implementation of production lines, was promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in September 2021. As one of the cooperating companies with the Japan Delicatessen Association, which was adopted as the representative of the project in the “Reiwa 3rd Fiscal Year Innovative Robot R & D Infrastructure Construction Project (*)”, a robot-friendly environment Along with the construction, we have promoted the introduction of robots, AI, and quantum computers into the realization field. * Budget project created for “realization of a robot-friendly environment”

Robots are expected to be introduced in many industrial fields in order to deal with labor shortages, improve productivity, and achieve non-contact, but the introduction has not yet progressed. In particular, in the side dish manufacturing factory, the most manpower is required for the “filling process”, and automation of that process has not been realized for many years, although it is an urgent issue.
In order to introduce a robot, it is essential to realize an environment in which the robot can easily operate = a “robot-friendly (robot-fure) environment”.

Through research and development in which 7 users and 8 vendors have teamed up, we have carefully considered the on-site environment so that robots can easily serve, and have introduced a robot on-site that automates the side dish serving process that has not been realized for many years. I did. In addition, we have also put into practical use the side dish worker shift calculation using a quantum computer.
Team Cross FA, together with the Japan Ready-made Meal Association, will make sure that these achievements can be used by all the side dish manufacturing companies who have the same problem, and sincerely face the further common problems faced by the side dish manufacturing companies, “One for”. In the spirit of “all, All for one”, we will promote the realization of problem solving by robofure and contribute to solving the labor shortage facing Japan.

■Background of this project
 The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is a place where system integrators and others gather to study the construction of a robotic environment in the three fields of facility management, retail, and food manufacturing, where labor shortages are becoming more serious, centered on leading robot users. In November 2019, we launched the “Robot Mounting Model Construction Promotion Task Force” (TF), and summarized the results of the study in March 2020.
In the food manufacturing field, it is particularly difficult to automate the process of serving prepared meals such as prepared foods and lunch boxes. Currently, most of the process is done manually, responding to labor shortages and improving labor productivity. We have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to automate the filling process and aim for unmanned and labor-saving in order to avoid three dense (sealed, dense, close) in the factory.
Serving flexible and amorphous foods quickly and with good looks is an extremely difficult task for robots, and if it is to be realized by robots, it will be expensive using advanced technology and will be on-site. Implementation does not proceed.

Therefore, in September 2021, we promoted this robofure, thinking that it is necessary to build an environment that makes it easy for robots to introduce robots, such as how to arrange them easily for robots and how to use packaging containers that are easy to grasp. The Japan Ready-made Meal Association, which has members of more than 600 side dish-related companies, has been selected as a representative, and has been developing and introducing a robot system with side dish filling on site, and developing practical use of side dish worker shift calculation using a quantum computer. rice field.

■Introduced on-site by RoboFure, the first robot system with side dish in the side dish industry
 In order to accelerate the construction of the robofure environment, three side dish companies (Hirai Co., Ltd., Fujimoto Foods Co., Ltd., Ichibiki Co., Ltd.) have created Foodly, a collaborative robot with side dish servings from Arty Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, RT), which has experience in developing robots with side dish servings. Introduced to the site of. Furthermore, a robot system with prepared foods using industrial robots that emphasize productivity is produced by FA Products Co., Ltd., Office FA Products Co., Ltd., Japan Support System Co., Ltd., which are the secretary companies of Team Cross FA, and food robot systems. The development was centered on Connected Robotics Co., Ltd., which has a proven track record, and was actually introduced in March 2022 at the manufacturing site of the side dish manufacturing plant of Maxvalu Tokai Co., Ltd.
Also, in the future, in order for many people to utilize the robot system with side dish along with the robofure environment.
(1) Examination of introduction / maintenance scheme with FA products, etc.
(2) Examination of leasing and rental schemes with major leasing companies,
(3) Examination of robot dispatch scheme with RT in collaboration with the dispatching company Will of Work
I proceeded.

■Practical application of side dish worker shift calculation by the side dish industry’s first quantum computer
As part of Robo-Fre, we are cutting-edge the development of a model that predicts order quantity by AI and shift calculation by quantum computer in order to realize overall optimization when manufacturing prepared foods in a situation where humans and robots coexist. Groovenauts, Inc., a technology company, and Gourmet Delica Co., Ltd., Delica Sit Co., Ltd., Nissie Delica Co., Ltd., Hirai Co., Ltd., and Maxvalu Tokai Co., Ltd. have been put into practical use as user companies.

■Succeeded in implementation in a short period of time by utilizing the comprehensive strength of the consortium
Team Cross FA took advantage of the comprehensive strength of each company as a consortium with strengths in each area, and worked from requirement definition to implementation in a short development time of about 7 months.
FA Products develops by demonstrating their respective areas of expertise, such as project management and digital simulation technology, Japan Support System for mechanical design / processing / assembly / adjustment, and Office for technical supervision centered on control design. Contributed to.

■Project participating companies (including cooperating companies) * In alphabetical order
RT Co., Ltd.
Ichibiki Co., Ltd.
ExaWizards Co., Ltd.
FA Products Co., Ltd. (Team Cross FA)
Office Co., Ltd. (Team Cross FA)
Groovenauts, Inc.
Gourmet Delica Co., Ltd.
Connected Robotics Inc.
Delica Sit Co., Ltd.
Nissey Delica Corp.
Japan Support System Co., Ltd. (Team Cross FA)
Hirai Co., Ltd.
FamilyMart Co., Ltd.
Fujimoto Foods Co., Ltd.
Maxvalu Tokai Co., Ltd.

■Team Cross FA basic information
Name: Team Cross FA
Secretariat: Shinbashi Annex 2F, 5-35-10 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004 (inside FA Products Co., Ltd.)
Secretary company: FA Products Co., Ltd.
Robocom Co., Ltd.
Office Co., Ltd.
Japan Support System Co., Ltd.
Robocom & FAcom Co., Ltd.
SaaSis Co., Ltd.
Official partner: Kajima Corporation
Dentsu International Information Services Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Systems, Ltd.
Modis Co., Ltd.
Mitsuiwa Co., Ltd.


FA.Regalo Co., Ltd. (Office Public Relations Team)
Person in charge: Sugimoto / Takehana


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